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APRENDIZTEGI The Lance Lee International Boat Building School

The training model for Aprendiztegi “The Lance Lee International Boatbuilding School”, is based on a method that is innovative in Europe. It is based on the school conceived by Lance Lee, father of the teaching of traditional shipbuilding in the USA, in 1972. This model  relies on individual motivation to produce the best results possible. This learning system is based on experiential education, tackling riverside carpentry tasks from the very beginning of training and focusing on the areas in which the person shows the most interest. The school takes place in an atmosphere centred on the recovery of our maritime heritage. There is also the possibility of gathering knowledge through participation in Albaola. The international character of the school provides a context of cultural diversity in which living together and respect for  each others differences are valued. At the same time, apprentices learn how to work before an audience, adding value to the school’s work.

Useful information

The training program lasts three years, during which students can take part in every phase of traditional shipbuilding. The school’s program is aimed at 18 apprentices, men and women over 18, coming from anywhere in the world. It is a trade school and the applicant’s motivation is especially important in the selection process. To facilitate admission, we recommend that applicants participate in Albaola’s volunteer group for a time, taking part in the school’s work. This process enables us to confirm the applicant’s interest.

Here is the PDF document with a description and conditions of APRENDIZTEGI. 


1.- Send your CV and motivation letter to In your motivation letter, briefly tell us why you want to learn boatbuilding with us, your projects for the future etc.

2.- Follow this link and fill in the online application form: 

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