Pasaia (Basque Country)

Seamanship school

Sailing in traditional boats

In Albaola we sail boats that have been the basis of the economic activity of our coast for centuries: fishing, whaling and maritime transport. They show technical evolution and  adaptation to the work they were designed for and to the hostile environment of the Cantabrian Sea.

These changing weather conditions have resulted in boats propelled by both oars and sails with plenty of crew—not  only to sail them but also to work on them. From the little "batel", where one person is enough to propel it, to the big  traineras,  which required lot of people to move them, in Albaola we sail in the boats that our ancestors used once.

Useful information

The traditional sailing school will be located in Pasai Donibane, near the Heritage Dock in Plaza Santiago. Courses will be available for the public at large, but also for families, groups, individuals or schools. The course period will vary, according to depending on availability and the needs of participants.

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