Pasaia (Basque Country)



The student: 

Name: Ioanna Moutousidi

Origin: Chalkida, Greece

Time learning boat building: 3 years

Previous studies: Product and systems design engineering















Why have you decided to learn boat building?


It was kind of crazy. Because I always liked the idea of ​​living on a boat. I love sailing, and I also think this profession is very special. I think if you can build a ship, you can do almost anything.


  • When did you know you wanted to build ships?


About 4 or 5 years ago I started participating in the Syros Yacht Club. I took sailing lessons and I suppose that always living near the sea caught my attention to fixate on this trade. Inspiration came when I met the riverbank carpenter Nikos Daroukakis.


  • Does someone close to you do this?


Daroukakis and a friend named Paris.


  • How has the change of country / city been?

At first it was hard because neither Giannis nor I spoke Spanish and, of course, neither Euskera. The weather is also very different from Greece, here it rains much more. In addition, this work is difficult, the body has to adapt and this takes a few months. But it is interesting. I wanted to live abroad, know new things and exchange cultures. These are some of the things you can do in Albaola: there are many different people and cultures.


  • Why have you decided to come to the Albaola Aprendiztegi riverside carpentry school?


In Greece it is difficult to learn boat building because there are few boat builders in Greece and they do not share the information. Furthermore, in Greece it is not common for women to build boats. So we (Giannis and I) looked for other options and found Albaola.


  • What is this experience giving you?


Almost every day something different happens at school, in my environment. In the part of boat building, which is what I spend most of my day (8 or 9 hours a day), I have seen everything that I have improved in these years. When I came here I didn't know anything about wood or how to build something. I see that I have improved and how every day I understand more. In my daily life, what I also like is interacting with very different people, inside and outside Albaola.


  • What project / s are you working on now?


Now I am working on the Ixil, ixil, the motor boat. Since I arrived I have worked on all projects. I started with the Patatxe, with some structural parts, then I worked on the San Juán and on other projects.

I believe that in this job no matter how many years go by, you can continue to learn and gain experience.


  • What plans do you have when you finish studying riverbank carpentry?


My plan, along with Giannis, is to build our own boat to live in, dedicate myself to riverbank carpentry in Greece and travel the world.