Pasaia (Basque Country)

Tar from Quintanar de la Sierra

Historical context

Tar and pitch are obtained through the distillation of pine resin.  These products, mixed with animal fat, were used for the protection of wood and to make ship's hulls watertight.

Heritage valorization

The Cabaña Real de Carreteros of Quintanar de la Sierra keeps alive the knowledge and the tradition of obtaining both tar and pitch from the resin of pine trees. Moreover, they still use the old routes of the past to maintain the tradition of travelling in carts pulled by oxen, as a way to honour and recover the history of Iberian oxherds and also of traditional forest management and cattle breeding industry.

More information:

San Juan Network

The Cabaña Real de Carreteros of Quintanar de la Sierra will be in charge of making the tar and the pitch for the San Juan. The craftsmen will have the help of Albaola's volunteers to accomplish the task.

These products will be transported by carts and oxen from Quintanar de la Sierra to Pasaia, as was usual in the 16th century.  It will be one of the activities programmed in the context of the European Capital of Culture for Donostia/San Sebastián 2016.