Pasaia (Basque Country)

Special place

With the building of historical boats as its main activity, Albaola The Sea Factory of the Basques in Pasaia San Pedro (Pasaia, Gipuzkoa) , is an innovative environment where nautical craftsmanship and technology is recovered and showcased. The Factory is open to the public and is characterized by its dynamism, the diversity of its activities, and its international outreach.

Shipbuilding, the international boatbuilding school, the ship modeling workshop, the club of the young sailors, the “Theatre of the Sea” program of performing arts, and the Auzolan volunteer group make up this creative universe that aims at making Basque Country’s maritime past known to the general public.

The Factory is the place where incredible journeys are undertaken and carried out. We seek knowledge through the experimentation that has been part of the  Basque Maritime Heritage

Come  to The Factory, sail through history, and live the Basque maritime adventure.