Pasaia (Basque Country)

Ropes of hemp

Historical context

The Ebro valley has been a big producer of hemp to make, in addition to other things, ropes of different caliber to use in ships. Thick ropes for anchors as well as thinner ones to move the sails were essential to managing a ship.

Heritage valorization

In order to publicize the traditional process of growing and processing hemp, trainning courses have been prepared to provide a basic knowledge about the plant, its cultivation, and spinning for the traditional production of ropes, cords, fabrics, candles, and clothing for the Nao San Juan.

San Juan Network

Four locations in the Ebro basin, Cervera (Rioja), Fitero (Navarra) and Agreda (Castilla y León) have traditionally cultivated eight acres of hemp to make the canvas sails and ropes that the whaler San Juan will need.