Pasaia (Basque Country)

Oaks from Sakana

Historical context

Historically, the forests of Sakana have been the source of wood for shipyards. Oak forests were planted and pruned in order to get straight trees for making planks, and curved trees to make the structure to ensure the best quality in the construction of a ship.

Heritage valorization

There is a project for tourists that will be set in the forest of Dantzaleku (Altsasu- Navarra), where they can learn about the technology of forest management for shipbuilding.

More information:

San Juan Network

The oaks that will be needed to build the structure and planking of the San Juan whaleship have been sustainably cut in the forest managed by the Mancomunidad de Sakana under the supervision of the forest wardens.

Albola works with Mancomunidad de Sakana organizing exhibitions, talks, and visiting schools to talk about shipbuilding and forest management to create interest in our heritage. You can see the result of this cooperation in the educational path through the forest of Dantzaleku, where experts from Albaola have participated in the design and contents.

Thus, the forests of Sakana have become an educational resource where students can learn about and understand forest management and history through the Whaler San Juan.