Pasaia (Basque Country)

Family plans at Albaola


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Our guided tours are adapted for all kinds of public; kids have a booklet with games and puzzles to be completed as long as the visit goes on with their parents.

This family plans are organized by and for kids, where games are the way to learn about maritime heritage and history. So they learn more easily and in a more visual way about the building of the San Juan whaleship.

We have more plans to complete the experience:

  • COME BY BOAT: Albaola can be approached by boat from the bay of Pasaia, the port of San Sebastián, Fuenterrabía and Hendaya (France). + info:

    • WHALER´S MENU: the charming village of Pasaia San Juan hosts many nice fish restaurants; it's just opposite Albaola, easy to access by a short ferry crossing. You can                                   enjoy a special Whaler's Menu, based on the ingredients Basque whalers used to take with them to Newfoundland in the 16th century.

      • WORKSHOPS: At Albaola, we offer fun and educational for smaller workshops. They can be additional to the school’s visit of the Factory or you can book on a separate occasion.

      • MORE INFORMATION: +34 943 39 24 26 /

Albaola museo maritimo visitantesAlbaola museo maritimo visitantes

albaola museo maritimo san sebastian en familia