Pasaia (Basque Country)



Albaola Itsas Kultur Faktoria will be closed to visitors until spring 2022.

The reopening date is foreseen for spring 2022, hopefully for Easter. However, the opening will be communicated through a press release and Albaola's usual channels. To underline that, although the works will cause the museum's temporary closure, the activity of the Albaola association and its other projects will continue their ordinary course, as is the case of the school of boatbuilding Aprendiztegi. Therefore, it will be possible to call the same telephone number of the Factory to contact Albaola or book visits from spring 2022.

The financing comes from the BERPIZTU program, "a special budgetary program of 180 million euros to boost a series of projects in disadvantaged areas or Areas of Preferential Action (Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea, Enkaterri, Oarsoaldea, and Aiaraldea). The objective of the aforementioned extraordinary initiative is to implement the tractor projects. The tractor projects, so far defined, have been selected through a participative and collaborative process in which the economic and social agents and institutions of each Region have decisively participated. These projects impact different management areas (Industry, Agriculture, Culture, Employment, Vocational Training, Health, Housing, and Railway Infrastructures)".

In the field of culture of Oarsoaldea, besides Albaola, the first stages of the Agustinak design, a new center to promote projects in the creative and cultural industries, has also been selected in Errenteria. Regarding the specific objectives of the different actions to be undertaken by the Albaola Itsas Kultur Faktoria, the following are highlighted:

1. IMPROVEMENT OF FACILITIES: With the reforms in the shipyard-museum, to provide it with stability and energetic sustainability, as well as with new elements that help to the divulgation purpose of the project, and that supposes, in addition, a return both in the number of visitors and in the satisfaction of these. And, as a consequence, to improve the organization's positioning to continue reinforcing the referentiality of the project both in the immediate environment and international level.

2. EQUIPPING THE SCHOOL: To provide the International School of Carpentry of Ribera with tools of Carpentry that will allow continuing training the students to preserve the living craft and the traditional techniques of Basque shipbuilding.

3. CONSTRUCTION OF THE SAN JUAN. After the stoppage in the construction of the San Juan as a result of the pandemic, the objective is to RESUME the process by expanding the team with professional shipwrights and recovering the necessary construction rhythm for its final phase and launching.

The rest of the organization's projects, such as the Aprendiztegi boatbuilding school, will continue. To contact us:

  • ADMINISTRATION: administrazioa[ARROBA]
  • PASAIA ITSAS FESTIBALA maritime festival: komunikazioa[ARROBA]
  • If you want to make a reservation for spring 2022, please get in touch with us: denda[ARROBA] / (+34) 943 39 24 26

See you soon!