Pasaia (Basque Country)




  • Name: Giannis Bormpantonakia
  • Origin: Crete, Greece
  • Time learning boat building: 3 years
  • Previous studies: Photography, Greece

  • Why have you decided to learn boat building?


I like sailing and my dream is to be able to live on a boat that I have built. A few years ago I began to have contact with the construction of boats. In Syros (where I met Ioanna) I was working in the shipyard and there I met a shipbuilder who inoculated me with the shipbuilding virus. But I started learning and working on boat building in earnest here.


  • When did you know you wanted to build ships?


On the island of Syros, when I worked with the shipbuilder Nikos Daroukakis


  •  Does someone close to you do this?


Yes, I have a good friend who I met when I was working in the shipyard in Syros that builds boats.


  • How has the change of country / city been?


Fortunately, the change was very easy. I have always liked changing places and traveling (in and out of Greece). Here the adaptation was very easy despite not speaking the language. The only problem to adapt was the rain, but I have already gotten used to it.


  • Why have you decided to come to the Albaola Aprendiztegi boat building school?


To begin with, because in Greece there are no riverside carpentry schools. In addition, to learn this trade you have to be with a boat builder who, many times, cannot teach you because he is working.


At Albaola there is a different environment to learn. I chose to come here because I was looking for places in Europe and it seemed like a place where I could learn a lot.


  • What is this experience giving you?


For me it is a development in all aspects. Besides learning about ship building, I am also learning about culture, history, about the Basques. I really like how the people here are. I have met many people who have been very welcoming to me and have helped me a lot. I feel very close to the mentality and the way of working of the people here.


Here I can see the evolution of my work day by day.


  • What project / s are you working on now?


Previously I have worked at San Juan for six months and now at Patatxe.


  • What plans do you have when you finish studying riverbank carpentry?


I would like to go back to Greece and dedicate myself there to building boats. Also, my dream is to build a boat and live in it.