Pasaia (Basque Country)

Second futtocks

The first futtocks raise gently from the depth of the ship, and their curve is prolonged by the second futtocks. The radius of the arch they define is smaller, and they turn inwards as they reach the maximum width of the ship.

First and second futtocks are not nailed or scarfed together; they are held tightly by the outer planking and by the shelf of the first deck. One of the outer planks has been nailed in the place where first and second futtocks overlap, so the second futtocks can be fixed in place. When the deck shelf comes in place, the second futtocks will become permanently blocked.

Most of the second futtocks have a length of 3 m or longer.  They are about 19 cm in thickness on their lower end, tapering to about 15 on the top end.

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